Transforming the point-of-sale into the point-of-connection

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Transforming the point-of-sale into the point-of-connection

iMobilise Transportation Systems has introduced the first integrated Taximeter to POS (“Point of Sale”) cab payment system for the metered taxi and point-to-point transfer industries in South Africa. Coupled into this is a Driver, Cab Financial Fleet Management and Digital Media delivery system.

iMobilise are assisting cab operators to align their services with international standards by enabling them and their customers to accept and process secure electronic card payments in a cab using Nedbank’s PocketPOS.

Cab operators are now able to better manage their operations through automated financial fleet management tools which are linked to the in-cab equipment. Thus empowering operators to gain more financial intelligence and control of their business and assets.

Through the in-cab Digital Media Platform we are in turn enhancing the passengers trip experience by entertaining them with informative and interactive content, news and enabling advertisers to advertise their products to a captive audience during a cab ride.

We are also a one-stop shop for peripherals such as lighting and other accessories for the cab industry.


Transforming the point-of-sale into the point-of-connection

Cab-Pay enables:

Automated card, account and cash acceptance

-The application works behind the scenes to reliably process each transaction via the Passenger Information Tablet (“PIT”).

-In the case of card transactions, authorisation is obtained from the passengers bank in real-time through the Nedbank PocketPOS payment terminal.

Driver login and shift detail record keeping

-The application automatically logs which driver has been assigned to the cab for a specific shift and logs all the trips for that shift against the driver.


Automated credit, debit, account and cash acceptance

-Processes transactions reliably every time and within seconds through the PIT.

PIT has full integration and support to:

-e HALE MCT-06 Taximeter - The PIT automatically reads the trip charge due from the taximeter and provides an easy interface for passengers to add tips and tolls.

-the Nedbank PocketPOS payment terminal enabling secure card processing. The card never leaves the passengers hand. Cardholder and transaction data are secured through Nedbank PocketPOS utilising PCI standards.

-the Receipt Printer - Receipts are printed for all transaction types with both the passenger and driver receiving a copy for their records. Receipts can also be emailed to the passenger if they choose.

Driver login and shift detail record keeping

Drivers are allocated unique identifying numbers to login into the taximeter with to begin a shift.

All trips are then logged against the driver for the specific shift started.

Shift start, end and totalizer reports are then able to be printed through the PIT.

PIT has full integration and support to:

-the HALE MCT-06 taximeter.

-The PIT automatically reads the driver number details for start and end trips when he logs in.

-the Receipt Printer

-Shift start and end reports are printed each time the driver logs into the taximeter.

-Shift totalizer reports are printed each time a shift is closed on the PIT detailing:


-Odometer start less odometer end kilometres = total kilometres for the shift

-These are entered onto the PIT close out screen
Paid vs unpaid kilometres for the shift
Paid kilometres are recorded from the taximeter for each trip

Paid Trips, broken down into:

Revenue, broken down into:

Other Revenue, broken down into:

Check Calculations
-Paid Kilometers vs Total Kilometers
-Revenue per Kilometer


-Reduces the workload associated with accounting efforts.
-Provides a comprehensive transaction audit trail and driver management utility.
-Improves customer satisfaction by offering more convenient and expedient payment options.
-Ensures a timely, accurate, and secure payment process.
-No need to invest in costly transaction gateways or custom process handling software.
-Operates seamlessly and invisibly within an operator’s environment.
-Supports all major debit and credit card issuers’ – VISA, MasterCard, American Express
-Differentiates an operators cab from others cabs on the road not accepting card payments.
-No more time wasted searching for and stopping at ATMs.
-Low cost of installation, maintenance and running costs.
-Installation only takes 3 hours.
-Fares plus tolls and tips paid by card, less Card Processing Commissions and applicable taxes, go straight to the owner’s bank account. No other deductions or hidden fees.
-Card payments are safer - with less cash on hand, drivers will not be a target to thieves.
-Passengers are not limited by the cash they have in their pockets, so journey lengths can be longer.
-Helps generate customer loyalty and retention.
-Studies show that passengers give higher tips when paying by card versus cash.

-Allows consumers to choose their preferred payment method – Cash, Account or Card.
-No more stopping at ATMs during a journey.
-Passengers can pay via card and be on their way quickly.
-Many visiting tourists do not have cash on hand. Taking cards makes life easy.
-The need to carry cash to pay for taxicab fares is reduced.


Transforming the point-of-sale into the point-of-connection


-Integrated into the Cab-Pay application and in-cab equipment.
-The CAB-Fleet suite delivers a robust set of online tools for the management of fleet information and assets.
-The web-based application is delivered securely across the Internet from the iMobilise host site.
-The application is designed to provide, fleet or individual, cab operators with real-time fleet or vehicle information on-demand.
-Provides a zero footprint client that operates across any secured Internet connection.
-Provides a total fleet or a single cab information and management system. -Instantly delivers real-time information on the shift/trip activity.


-Manage and report on any fleet cab or driver.
-Full real-time trip log history by Start Date, End Date, Cab Number, Number of Service, Trip Value, Extras, Tips, Tolls, Total Amount, Payment Type, Driver Number, Number of Passengers, among other search sorting criteria supported.
-Provides a total view of card transactions by Card Type, Card Number, Cab Number, Driver's Number, Charge Amount, Last 4 Digits of the Card Number, and Date Range.
-Provides reports for quick and easy Bank, Merchant and Driver accounting reconciliation.
-Provides a total view of a transportation operation in real-time.


-Provides a comprehensive financial fleet management system with the lowest cost of operation.
-Enables and comprehensively automates all of the important fleet management tasks that need to be accomplished in order to be more successful.
-Improves financial performance and provides greater control over daily operations.
-No need for owners to invest in costly infrastructure systems or database servers.
-Is intuitive and easy to use which reduces cost to train new personnel to assist fleet management efforts.


Transforming the point-of-sale into the point-of-connection

HALE Microtax-06
HALE light barrier sensor LSS-4
HALE seat sensor SIT-SBR -5
HALE TRS-015 Taxi Light
HALE TRS-021 Taxi Light

HALE Microtax-06 - The super slim taximeter

The follow-up model of the 100.000 times sold Microtax®-05 is setting new standards in functionality, technology and design. The taximeter all-rounder is characterized by a stylish design, illuminated keys and various functions. The perfect taximeter for single proprietors and taxi fleets. The well-known HALE extension products like multiport printer TPD-01, Cey-System for driver accounting and Cab Tracking / Cab Dispatch for remote vehicle tracking and monitoring can also be used with Microtax®-06. With the Microtax®-06 your are will prepared for the future. Software extensions can easily be programmed through the flashable program memory without demounting of the taximeter. Automotive components guarantee a long lifetime.

Brilliant display

-Automatic brightness control for optimum visibility by day and night
-Highly illuminated LED display allows easy readout even at bright sunshine and a distance of 5 meters.

Impressing design

-Totally new ultra slim design
-Stylish design with transparent dark grey housing
-Extra large displays facilitate perfect readability
-Side part allows easy access for service without demounting
-Ideal dimensions (159 x 55 x 19 mm) for a simple mounting

More operating comfort

-4 Clicktouch® keys provide best tactile response
-2 additional keys for future extensions
-Illuminated keys ensure perfect visibility at night
-Driver-sided position of operation keys (for left-hand drive vehicles)

Highly flexible tariff system

-Most modern tariff design with optimal flexibility and 32 tariffs, including various extras functions.
-Integrated calendar until 2030 supports fixed and floating holidays, spares regular calendar updates.
-Fast tariff programming using tariff-Ceys or the menu-guided tariff programming.
-Automatic change of tariffs due to distance or duration of the trip, time of the day, date, day of the week, fare and change of speed.

Two separate tariff memories

-The second tariff memory allows for an ahead-of-time programming of a future tariff, automatically activated at the correct date. This automatic change-over to the new tariff at 0:00 h gives a competitive edge.

Featuring currency conversion

-Tariff in new currency can be programmed in advance, months before validity, completely stressless.
-Automatic tariff change at the pre-programmed validity date Recalculation of fare in second currency, e.g. USD, €

Automotive device

-The Microtax®-06 complies with the high requirements of the automotive industry
-Unrivalled low current consumption, in power save mode only 0,6 mA
-Automotive components with extended temperature range guarantee a long lifetime

The Microtax®-06 with its various extension possibilities provides a perfect basis for taxi fleet operators.

HALE light barrier sensor LSS-4

General features

-rear seat passenger detection
-switch on taximeter automatically when passenger is on board
-special trip recording (special trip distance counter or evaluation via Cab Assistant

Advantages HALE light barrier sensor LSS-4

-simple mounting, flexible cable
-small dimensions, extensive reach
-inured to dust and dirt
-no separate control box, direct connection to the taximeter
-also useable in combination with the HALE seat sensor SIT-SBR

HALE seat sensor SIT-SBR-5

-front seat passenger detection
-rear seat passenger detection
-switch on taximeter automatically when passenger is on board
-special trip recording (special trip distance counter or evaluation via Cab Assistant)

Advantages HALE seat sensor SIT-SBR

-no failures due to seat adjustments or repositioning
-can be installed for front passenger seat and rear bench
-electronically linked to the taximeter
-SBR thick film sensors adapt to most seat designs
-neither needs initial calibration nor re-calibration throughout its entire lifetime
-easily placed and fixed under the seat cover
-round sensor areas in H-shape guarantee a faultless occupant detection
-also useable in combination with the HALE light barrier sensor LSS-4

HALE TRS-015 / TRS-021 Taxi Light - The new star on the taxi roof - the TAXI roof sign by HALE

Best attention and distinctive identity for your cab!

-This roof sign has been developed particularly with regard to the permanently growing demands on modern vehicle design.
-Perfect aerodynamic design
-Various possibilities of mounting for different vehicles
-Best price-performance ratio
-Three-dimensional curvature of the front

LED technology

-20% brighter as lamp illumination
-85% less current consumption - saves energy and conserves battery power
-Distinctive luminous colour for more attention
-LED illumination for a long life time – no change of lamps necessary


Transforming the point-of-sale into the point-of-connection

-Payment enabled media, is a first for South Africa as it now offers a media platform for advertisers to benefit from through the integrated cab payment system.
-The application supports the delivery of digital media i.e. advertising, news, entertainment and multimedia information to the passengers during the cab ride.
-Passengers become engaged and are captivated exclusively to one media platform during the cab ride.
-The platform only airs when the cab is engaged with a passenger being present so impressions are guaranteed.
-Reach affluent active consumes being both well-educated men and women in major city centres and surrounding areas. These consumers drive lifestyle and behavioural choices and purchasing habits within a wide sphere of influence.

Platform Features

-Multimedia window displaying informative content and advertising to the passengers.
-Banner supporting the multimedia window for additional information.
-Interactive browsing window enabling passengers to further engage with a brand
-Welcome, Goodbye and Payment screens
-Terminal housing branding

Prime real-estate

(Guaranteed impressions per trip)
• Terminal Housing Branding
• Welcome screen
(10 seconds on starting the trip)
• Goodbye screen
(Immediately after payment authorisation)

Standard real-estate

(Guaranteed impressions in a 25min Loop; the loop will start at the last point it was stopped if shorter than 25min)
• Adverts with banners
• Media rich content
Weather, News, Entertainment

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